Friday, October 9, 2009

Thankful for Inspiration

Behold Utopia:

Behold The Enemy of Utopia: (as perceived by Keila)

Thus is born our first battle by a most adamant darling little girl. We waited a little late to start her on it and now we are paying a price. Unfortunately we've planned a long overdue date night - on our anniversary no less and we were starting to get anxious to have her accept the bottle. She took it a time or two (only with breast milk) but within the last few days has refused it and has very loudly protested.

From such moments are born prayers of desperation and I've learned that Lord really does care, even for the smallest of things that keep a mother sane. While dozing off to sleep 2 nights ago I had the clear distinct thought of dipping the nipple into sugar water to get her to latch on. Sure enough, it worked, even if it was me holding the bottle. How thankful I am for the inspiration from above that helps me raise a child while keeping myself mentally and emotionally healthy!

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  1. hunn. My daughter doesn't take bottle nither. Well, in fact, my both kids hate them. She protests supper strong and poor my husband, he tried several times but not being successful at all. I may need to try the sugar water thing.