Monday, October 12, 2009

Two Month Ouchies

Kent and I have the gift of having large children. So much so that carrying them around results in one arm resembling Popeye and the other a limp noodle. Following in her brother's footsteps, Keila at 9 weeks is not 23.5 inches long and 11 lbs and 14 oz. That puts her in the 87 percentile for height and the 74 percentile for weight. She's also 'pre-teething'. Amazing what can happen in 2 months! I swear my little girl was showing off for the doctor, cooing and talking up a storm and soaking up the praise ... at least until the nurse showed up. But she was a trouper and they were good at their job there at the office so that Keila didn't cry until they were half way through with shots. I had to laugh when I picked her up and she sniffed deeply and moan a few complaints as if to say, "How could you let them Mama?!"

There was one particularly tender moment between her and Isaac before the nurse showed up. On the way there I told Isaac that Keila would need shots and he was rather concerned about the 'ouchies'. He asked to give her a hug and while tenderly petting her head he said, "Ouchies Keila, but it's okay, it's okay." and proceeded to kiss her gently. It was a wonderful display of a sibling's loving support. How I love my two children and hope their love for each other grows more each day.

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