Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rolling with the Pumpkins!

It seems like you get things running smoothly with your little one. Then an enormous speed hump hits you, and you've been knocked out to no-man's land. That's how it's been as of late with Isaac, but unlike last time I'm learning to take it in stride. I understand his need to exercise his growing freedoms and his desire to push against boundaries ... at least I think I do! ;0) This has my energy a little sapped, and I have little desire to do anything 'extra'. Thankfully despite that, we went out for a Halloween outing last Monday night. It was fun for everyone, the lighting was perfect for pictures, plenty of space for an active boy to run and explore, and some time for Mama and Papa to enjoy one another's company. What was a difficult day ended happily and peacefully!

It's amazing sometimes what make for a good picture. In this case it was the background of the vibrant green. Isaac has always been rather photogenic, but we were surprised at just how this one turned out.

Little boys love their toys!

Isaac could have rolled pumpkins around all night.

Keila was a little tired that night, this was one of the few happy shots. For whatever reason, the sound of the camera clicking made her giggle.

Isaac loved racing around with papa!

A few nature shots, one of mine, while running through a corn maze trying to keep up with an active boy. The last 2 are Kent's. We sure do love our camera!

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  1. I hear you. My little one is also the stage of "No" to everything even though he doesn't understand what No really means. hahaha. So, let's say, hung in there!