Friday, December 31, 2010

The Best of 2010

Happy New Year everyone! As usual, we like to recap on this past year of 2010.

Kent successfully transitioned from his job at Maricopa Hospital to Banner Estrella. While it was taxing at times to move to a job that wasn't on call and as intense, Kent has overcome his frenetic pace and enjoys having more time to himself! ;0) This has allowed him to focus more on family as well as his calling in church - Scoutmaster. He can now proudly say he thinks he has more of a hold on his calling - rather than the other way around! Due in part to Flo's efforts at learning how to swim, Kent has been bit by the exercise bug - particularly in swimming. From it is born a rather pleasing side note, he's lost a lot of weight.

Speaking of Flo she is learning how children can push her to grow. Isaac inquired of her during the summer why it was she didn't swim, needing to lead by example, she decided to overcome her fear of water and took some lessons. The dedication to this weakness has resulted in the insane idea of doing a triathlon in May. Thus at 5:30am she can be found at the gym, swimming, running and cycling. She also endeavored to conquer the plain and austere feeling of her home and began decorating the rooms, painting walls and garage sale finds as well as adding pictures and decor. Just recently she finished a quilt for Isaac, one sewn by her entirely - both by hand and by machine - that Isaac proudly displays. On the side, she cooks, cleans, volunteers at the preschool and did her calling as a ward missionary (recently released) - her personal attempt at being superwoman!

Isaac is growing by leaps and bounds. He is totally potty trained, both night at day. This has enabled him to start preschool which he LOVES!!! Holidays and breaks have become 'trying' on him as he dearly misses his friends, in particular a girl named Keirly whom he's often holding hands with and Maxwell, his digging partner. He can now spell his name, write the letters, and loves to guess at the first letters of words he hears. He his a huge help around the house and particularly with Keila since he keenly feels his duty to 'teach her' what he knows. This can be difficult at times for a little girl. Luckily she adores her brother. Isaac recently got a tool set that he proudly uses to fix everything and anything he sees. When real fixing needs to be done he is there by Kent's side asking a million questions and grunting as all handymen do!

Keila is as darling as ever, and she knows it! She has a way of snuggling, smiling and giggling that tends to wrap people right around her little finger. She is walking and has a good waddle run that helps her keep up with her brother. She tends to use sign language more than words, unless she feels an urgent need to communicate - such as in the case of chocolate! At such times she can loudly say 'Tree?' (for treat) and 'Chalket' for chocolate while vigorously rubbing her belly for the sign of please. The household is kept on their toes for her curious little fingers can be found in everything. She tends to shadow Flo and mimic her as much as possible. We hope this all pays off when she takes over the cooking for the family!

We're grateful for all that 2010 has brought us and excited for the following year. May the Lord's blessing be with you all. Happy New Year!


  1. You finished the quilt? Wow I was eyeing that when I was over last. That was A TON of work!!! Happy New Year!

  2. What a wonderful year! Happy New Year! Love the pictures of the little ones -- they are so adorable! We miss you guys!

  3. Hey Flo - I'm excited to have found your blog. Glad you guys are doing well. Your children are beautiful! Emily Benson