Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! It's been a wonderful holiday for the last few days. Kent switched out his day off from New Years so that he could have the 2 days before Christmas off with us. With all the gifts bought and ready, there wasn't the mad dash before the big day so we spent it on little outings with the rugrats and finishing small chores around the house.

We went to the Scottsdale McCormick Train Park where the railroad ties were the main attraction for the kids. I can't begin to count the number of games Isaac came up with as we ran back and forth on them. His eyes would light up and he's say, "Wait, wait, lets play a game. But we have rules ..." and Kent and I would smile as he elaborated all sorts of impossible rules. Is that what he thinks we do with him? Keila had a blast chasing the birds and screaming at them.

The following day we went to a nearby park to feed the ducks and play for a while. Keila truly loves all animals and went bonkers again seeing the ducks. This time she actually threw the bread to them rather than eat it and squealed with delight when they fought for it. She loves the swings and giggled like crazy and is adventurous enough to go down slides all on her own. Earlier she saw me wipe down the slides from the rain the night before. I had to smile as she meticulously wiped each time she went down. Such a little copy cat. Hope she picks the best things to copy from me! Isaac found a car that drove over mountains and valleys all over the playground.

Christmas was spent with the Montierths in the traditional get together with a special visit from Santa. Kent and I stayed up late wrapping the last 2 gifts - a grocery cart and play kitchen- it was enormous! I've always loved wrapping gifts. It's like the final touch, a little act of love that beautifies and adds the element of surprise.

Amazingly Isaac got up at 7am to use the bathroom and climbed right back into bed. WE got up together as a family, snuggled and then went out ot the Christmas tree where Kent and I were gratified to see the response from an excited little boy, "Whoa!!! Big present, that's a big present!!!" We dragged out the excitement a little more by trying to get him to guess what it was. He and Keila loved it, along with the cuttable food toys, pots, pans, etc. Isaac also got a toy drill set so he could be just like Baba.

All in all, it was a wonderful Christmas. Kent and I spent some time musing about the past Christmas' that we remember, he remembered the magic of Santa, I remember good food. But nowadays our memories are of people, specifically the little people in our lives. It's their smiles, their laughter and joy that ultimately gives me the greatest joy. I may not remember exact details of this day, but I sure hope to remember the feeling I felt as I spent precious time with my loved ones. Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. Want to know something ironic? We have that same exact play kitchen and it used to be in your house when we lived there :) What an awesome Christmas gift! Lauren was just little when we got ours and she loved it so much! Happy Holidays!