Monday, December 20, 2010

Second Wife and Best Friend

The 'second wife' of Kent's seems to be my best friend lately. For those of you who are rather confused, I'm referring to the Canon Rebel camera he bought 2 years ago. At first they were inseparable and I could be walking, talking, eating, scolding or any number of things and being told all of a sudden to just 'hold it' while Kent adjusted the thing to get the right shot. I never took to 'IT' for obvious reasons but gradually I became less intimidated with it and figured out enough to do a decent shot. Lately I've been lugging it around with me wherever I go. In addition to dislocating my back and keeping my chiropractor happy, the 50 lbs has a way of keeping me down to earth so to speak. This time of year I have a habit of wandering mentally to the million of things I want/need to get done, or worrying about things I can do nothing about, etc. So when I'm out with the little ones I'm too far off to really enjoy them until my purse bangs painfully into my side. Then I think, "Oh hey, I've got the camera, maybe I can get a cute shot in ..." and suddenly I'm back looking for little things from Isaac and Keila that make me smile. I am by no means become anything near a photographer, but I have to thank it for reminding me what this season is about, my Savior, His love and birth that makes if possible for me to have my family eternally.

Kent's showing Isaac how to hold the bat and Isaac actually hit a few of the balls Kent pitched to him. It was fun to see how excited he got. There's something about achieving something all on one's own.

We went to a park nearby where Isaac fed the ducks (Keila fed herself) stale bread. At one point 2 of them got daring enough to approach on land. Keila was obviously concerned about Isaac's safety and yelled at them rather aggressively. It's amusing to me because she often adores animals and can hardly wait to pet them, but apparently not if they're getting to close to her big brother!

Keila is much more daring in personality than Isaac was at her age. She loved the little suspension bridge at the park and especially when I bounced on it as she took her hands off the rails to try and balance. I love her little grins.

Little monkey sees big brother...

Little monkey do!

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