Friday, December 10, 2010

One Down, Three to Go!

I've always been grateful to have a husband who understands my neurotic behaviors. Especially when it comes to money. I've often heard it said that money can make or break a marriage and gratefully Kent has learned from the mistakes of others and takes a frugal approach. He balances me since I tend to go the extreme of making a 'holey' shirt last till the threads but melt away from use and has taught me that money can make life easier and more enjoyable in the right doses. It has been wonderful these last 2 years being out of school and residency. Perhaps its due to having worked so hard together those lean years, that having such a large income feels luxurious without needing to really spend it. It's the peace of mind that if the car breaks down, we can easily pay to fix it, or there's a special event and we can afford to go the an expensive restaurant. Even so we've kept our old habits of frugality and managed to pay off one of our 4 student loans. It's a little sickening to think that we owe more in school loans that what we own on a house but there is a so much pleasure from the fact that we have so quickly chipped at the old millstone. We estimate that perhaps in 10 years we might be free from them. So here's to our hard work hun!

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