Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Pumpkin's First Birthday!

Over the vacation we celebrated Leora's first birthday. Cake and presents just with the family Mexico style. It's amazing to me all that happens in the first year of life.
She is so communicative with her distinct sounds and gestures that there's no mistaking what she wants. It takes a strong personality to be the younger sibling to Eli. She's patient with him but sets boundaries and calls for reinforcements when things get too rough.
She's growing by leaps and bounds. She already saying Eli and Isaac and will yammer in her own language when she's is feeling indignant. There may be no understandable words, but the message is clear! She's walking as much as she can now but still has the cute wide stance walk. Unfortunately Bubby likes to pull her down but she always gets back up. There's a real competitive relationship going on between the two of them, but underneath it all they love each other. Someday she'll be his greatest protector.
Swinging in the backyard.

She loves animals! Birds have captivated her and she loves to point and make her 'b' sounds when she sees them. Even animal figurines in the window will attract her attention and when we leave she waves bye-bye to them. While shopping in the mall once she got a hold of a stuffed kitten and it was like tearing a mother from her child!
A Pumpkin with a pumpkin!

She loves to help! As far as she is concerned she is a big girl and won't be held back! Since I didn't give her the mop, she did it with her hands!

She's our bonus baby, I'm so grateful for her in my life. Things are crazy with all four kiddos, but there would have been such a huge whole without her in our life. Happy Birthday my doll! We love our angel baby!

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