Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Infections Bite!

New places, schedules and fatigue have away of stressing Eli so that chewing and biting becomes his release. Unfortunately that took the form of Leora's pinky finger. Despite washing it, the infection quickly developed into cellulitis and within less than 24 hours she was admitted for a 3 day stay in the hospital.
She loved the one on one time with me and while I didn't get much sleep I sure loved our snuggle time. They had a wonderful playroom for us to enjoy but her favorite was the wagon rides around the hospital where she'd smile and wave like a princess in a procession to anyone who passed by.
Eli even joined us for a short stint. He was extra helpful in eating anything Leora wasn't interested in and had fun with the toys too. Most of all, I think he was thrilled not to be the one poked and prodded at! These two crazy kiddos certainly keep me on my toes!

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