Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Puerto Penasco Fall 2015

Ever since our digital camera was stolen, the pictures aren't have as fun and I've lost the motivation for blogging. But the thought of starting the new year behind on posts has gotten my rear in gear so here it goes!

Back in late October we went to our favorite vacation spot in Puerto Penasco. It was a whole new experience for Leora and a massive week long work out for Eli! Keila and Isaac absolutely love it and had big plans for collecting shells. Kent and I got some quiet time and we all have more memories of time together.

We rarely eat cold cereal, it's a treat reserved for vacations. I had to snap this shot because it was so darn cute the way Eli was mimicking Isaac in reading the cereal boxes.

They finished the Grand Mayan and with it they have a kids club that we signed Isaac and Keila in for $20 for the day. They had a blast making their piƱata , playing on the lazy river and water slides and they had it to themselves.
The walks along the beach worked Eli to the bone, you could tell he just ached with every move and near the end he'd avoid waking on the sand as much as possible. The only thing that could draw him was water and full permission to splash all her wanted.
At some point though it was too much and so he got lots of snuggles and hugs from him.
Leora worked out too, walking against the waves, maintaining balance on the sand. All of it gave the push that had her walking steady after the vacation.
We loved all the life we saw .... a biology teacher's dream.
Time together is the best and it was so fun to see everyone playing together. Sandcastles, shell collecting, peek-a-boo in a cupboard ...
These are the best moments!

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