Thursday, December 31, 2015

Symbols of Our Past Year

We have a tradition of getting ornaments annually for each person as a representation of something from the year. When (heaven help me it's not an 'if') they move out they will have something to take as their own. We also get ornaments for those we have lost this last year and it helps us renew our memories of them at a significant time.

Leora chose her own, and is perhaps the youngest one to ever do so. She spotted this at Target and I put it in her hands just to keep her quiet so I could finish my shopping. Near check out time I urged her to say goodbye which didn't go over well at all! Gripping it close to her body she screamed and screamed 'bid, bid!'. I tried enticing her with other ones, sparkly, fluffy, etc. to no avail so clearly this is hers for this year!
Eli LOVES popcorn. He turns away from candy and sugar but salty stuff like chips, get him every time. Popcorn is his ultimate favorite and he will sign it and make his 'P' sounds in anticipation. We thought this was fitting for him.
While shopping for ornaments, the older two kept commenting they wanted something that would remind them of our 'Grandma Young'. Everything that attracted Keila was in a form of a butterfly. It seemed fitting for this great lady so we ordered this fillgreed one with her favorite colors as our memory of her. Keila got one exactly alike for herself, "precious" like Helen.
Isaac wanted something that was like origami (which has occupied his busy hands much of this year) and specifically an angel to remember Helen. His requests are often like this, unique and terribly hard to find but thanks to google, nothing is impossible. We searched origami ornaments and found this beauty but once it arrived we realized that it is NOT a tree ornament. It's still beautiful though and reminds us of the angel Moroni on our temples so we will simply find a place to set it each year.
Kent made some really close friends this year and his was a reminder of one of their get togethers. I often forget how much easier it is for women to find that social connection outside of the family and I'm glad Kent found some for himself.
I've always wanted a beautiful olive wood nativity but the cost is way more than I can justify. This ornament did catch my eye and will be my small version for now. Besides, the scripture inscribed reminds me so much of the reason for the season.
We also received this one from a close friend. It's been so nice to have the Phoenix temple so close by. Ever since Eli was born it's been harder for me to go but with it close by it makes it easier. It's nice to have it on our tree of all the things that have importance to our family.

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