Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Girl Time!

Keila LOVES having time with just me. It's so hard to do now with four kiddos so it usually takes the form of reading a book and cuddling. Sometimes we paint our nails too but we were overdue for some real time and with Kent and Isaac out of town visiting friends in Snowflake, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for us. I got a babysitter for the younger two and she and I dressed up and went off to the state fair.

There's always fun stuff to see. This year they had a candy display. Most of the pictures were created by jelly beans - LOTS of jelly beans!
The crafts were also neat. These dragons were made entirely of rope and dye. In our browsing Keila purchased herself a fan.
Then of course there's the food! Bug love tasted funnel cake and gelato for the first time!
The highlight though is always the animals. She loved on as many as she could and it made us miss our Sunshine bunny.
This one looked just like her! Rabbit girl has been gone nearly a year now.
It always has such a calming effect of Keila that I can't help but think we need another pet.

Keila also experienced some rides for the first time and we now know she is a bit of an adrenaline junkie! I was surprised at some of the ones she chose because Isaac would have been terrified just watching let alone getting on. She couldn't get enough!
Flying high!

She's growing up into quite the young lady! I'm so grateful we had the opportunity to spend time making these memories!

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