Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Halloween 2015

Pumpkin got out of the hospital just in time for family pictures (to come soon as I get my act together!) and Halloween. Everyone was so happy just to be together as a family that we couldn't get anyone to sit still for a picture. Isaac dressed as a cub scout. I wanted to add an empty box of matches to his costume with "Got Match?" to complete the overall scariness factor but he didn't want any props to worry about on the sugar binge night. Keila went as a butterfly - classically 'bug' of her! Leora used Keila's old costume to be a fellow bug sister. Eli was our little nerd professor.
The poor little fellow was too tired to play though. Holidays are rough for him, all the added excitement, stimulus, noise, etc really wears him out. Either we have tantrums when he has trouble coping or he wipes out at unexpected times. He deals with it much better than he use to so perhaps next Halloween he will enjoy the full experience!

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