Friday, September 5, 2008

A Day in a Busy Boy's Life

I've got places to go, things to do, so much to see ...

Lets see, I better fill up the car first ...

People I'm waiting, we're on a schedule here folks!

Now we're having people over to dinner, some cut up melon would be nice, I know Mama likes that ...

Oh garlic and mushrooms are on sale, that's a must have!

Do I have enough garlic and mushrooms.... hmmmmm.

Okay, the guests are here ... everyone ready to party?

Mama: It was great to go to the children's museum so late in the afternoon today. Typically there's this pandemonium of kids and Isaac is a little glazed over as he tries to take it all in. Today it was as if he was re-enacting my life right down to the details of what I buy when I go grocery shopping. (mind you, I do buy more than just garlic and mushrooms usually) Did you notice that all the pictures are blurred in some way, the kid doesn't stop moving - a little like me .... I'm just afraid that one day I'll see him doing something that is all too familiar in me that I never knew he noticed!


  1. So cute! What a fun play place! He is getting so big. :)

  2. I have not brought Little H to the children's musium yet. He is probaly still too young to enjoy???? Well, the day comes, we are looking for it. By the way, the bedbug story.... It gives me a night mare. I mean I hate bugs, insects, and they are baaaaaaaaaaaad!!!