Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ike's Might

Since moving here, I've been frequently asked by non-Houstonians, how I feel about the hurricanes. I must admit initially I was rather upset at the idea of facing one, especially given that Kent is required to work during them - he is essential staff- and as such must work during or the days immediately following a hurricane. But I did my prep work and asked alot of questions when we first arrived. I've been told that evacuation can be almost worse than 'hunkering down' (A Texas phrase apparently) since the traffic is absolutely insane and people often find they run out of gas and their only shelter when the rain and winds hit are their cars. Fortunately we don't live in an area near any waterways, the flooding risk is much less than most of the Houston, let alone Galveston. We also live extremely close to the Medical Center as well as on a third floor. Given the many disasters one could face in a lifetime, I'd take a hurricane anytime ... I have advance warning (days of warning) and so long as I am prepared I need not fear.

So in the weeks we first got here, I double checked our 72 hour kits, got a large supply of water, made sure we had lots of batteries, candles and matches. I have even just purchased a stove that uses sugar cane as fuel so there is no worries for carbon monoxide poisoning. Unfortunately, I'm sure the stoves will arrive after Ike. ;0) But we have all our bare essentials.

This morning Isaac and I went to the grocery store to pick up more duct tape (for windows and such) I was a little amazed to see how incredibly busy it was. I'd heard from our bishop's wife that water would be gone in the first few days of warning, let alone canned goods. It was 10:00 in the morning and things were moving fast, I was grateful that we had such things in place long beforehand.

Most likely Kent and I will stay at our apartment. I took inventory today and we have an enormous amount of food for the days to come. It will be interesting to try and live without electricity, something so easy to take for granted. Hopefully it will not be too long. Another nice blessing is that Kent has been assigned to the 'recovery team', meaning he'll work after the storm leaves. I'm told that the 120 mph winds are rather freaky to face alone, so it will be nice to have us all together.

I've also been warned the worst part is what comes after a storm, the possible injuries, looting, lack of clean water, etc. Hopefully it will not come to that but just in case I've cleaned our apartment and clothes from top to bottom. It sounds silly, but when I want to use my bathtub as an additional water storage and I just want a clean set of clothes, I'll have no worries. Isaac is running a fever, I'm sure there will be other things on my mind as the time comes.

Keep us and others in your prayers. For those who know Julieanne and Matt Fisher, I called yesterday to find out their plans. They're headed to San Antonio Air Force Base as soon as Matt gets off tonight. If traffic is such they can't make it, I offered them my place to stay. Julieanne seemed to be doing well despite having only a 2 week old boy and 2 children. For those who know Emily and Dane Roberts, they've decided to hunker down as well. We were set to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival together, but it looks as if we'll have to postpone for later. As for us, I feel relatively calm. I've done absolutely everything that I can and we rely on the Lord for the rest. Perhaps in the days to come my tone will change, but I can say this much is true ... if you are prepared, you shall not fear.


  1. Scary sounds like you guys are will prepared! Good luck! Hope all is well and we will pray for you guys.