Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sanctuary, Sanctuary!

Isaac has been trying to pick up the rabbit forever. I think it's a dominance thing. We do it when she does something she's not suppose to, and we send her outside on the patio. If it's a lesser offense, we usually clap our hands loudly to get her attention so she stops. Isaac is quick to mimic that and then chase her while shaking a finger in the 'no-no' gesture at her. Thus far though, he's never succeeded in lifting her off the ground. I'm sure it's because the moment she feels his little hands even near her side, she takes off. No refugee for a rabbit!

But today was different. Isaac sat down by her and signalled that he wanted to feed her Cheerios - something he's never done before. So I happily complied and he was thrilled to see her inspect his hand carefully and take one from him. With two more in his hand, he moved so he was standing behind while still feeding her. Having lulled her into 'carnal security', he then quickly slipped his free hand under and grabbed hold of her fur and proceeded to lift her back end into the air. She kicked good and hard and got away, but in the end, she was missing a small tuft of fur from her underside. I doubt she will underestimate a determined little boy again.

The question Kent and I ask is: where did he learn to do that?

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