Saturday, September 13, 2008

May I Kiss the Electrician?

We're alive, we're well, and best of all, we have electricity!!!!!! Gratitude for the smallest things cannot be expressed! Soooooooooo.... here's the story.

Power was going on and off starting 9:00pm. Once Isaac when to bed we headed off to since we knew it'd be a rough night. Prior to putting the little tyke down, Kent gave him a blessing of comfort and put him in his playpen in the bathroom (something I think was inspiration). True to his blessing, he did sleep through the night, waking 3 times crying briefly for a minute or two and passing out again. Thank heavens, otherwise what followed would have been just awful!

Power was out for us at around 10:00pm and consequently water since it's pumped by electric pumps. I could hardly sleep for all the noise, a low rumble, a wall of force that just kept pushing the walls. About 3:30am we hear a loud trickle, our ceiling fan was leaking copious amounts of water all over our bed. Once shifting our mattress to the front room we found lines appearing all over our ceiling, water was beginning to seep through the joint .... la, la, la .... anyone want a bath in the front room? The next hours were a blur lit candles and used everything available to catch the water, alternated sleeping and emptying out pans.

The rain and leaking stopped early afternoon. In the meantime, we were a little stir-crazy and took Isaac to the weightroom to wander for a bit. Below are pictures of the damage in our complex, relatively small compared to what could have happened

Who says we don't have running water?!! ;0)

Isaac gathering acorns, his latest collection!


  1. I am so glad you are o.k. and that you have electricity. What do you do now? Are stores back open? How long do you have to wait for your roof to be fixed?

    You and Kent are such an example of the necessity to be prepared. Thank you for that. I'm reminded once again that there are some things that I need to have ready but don't yet.

    Again, I'm glad you are doing well and I'm glad it's over for you.

  2. Gee I didn't know that Ike would affect you guys in AZ..but I guess you guys get a taste of the storm too. For us, its just rain.

  3. Da, did you not know we're in HOuston?