Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Fishers, Roberts and Us

For AZ people, I just heard from Julieanne, she and Matt are not sure how much of the house is left and are thinking of driving to UT to be with family until things settle down a bit. They are all doing well otherwise.

For Albuquerque people, Emily and Dane are well, though still without electricity. Thankfully the temperatures have been fairly low and it's bearable despite the 95% humidity.

We're again so grateful to be near the Medical Center. Until today when we went out, I didn't realize how quickly we got electricity back in comparison to others. For old time residents, some say it takes almost 2 weeks. Many had driven quite a ways to get to somewhere where the stores were open, just to have some AC running. Others were making use of outlets avaliable to recharge phones. The raining has been tedious since our ceiling looks like Swiss cheese (we've had to put holes in it to help the water drain in a particular spot, rather than along a line throughout the room) Only one room is really usuable, the bathroom is safe and most of the kitchen area is good. It is livable conditions considering what others deal with and while it's not fun dealing with the leaks, if it were hot, other's would be roasting without AC. We spend alot of time with Isaac outside just to keep him out of the water.

Kent is due back to work tommorrow, which will be good in someways .... the inactivity is killing all of us.


  1. Florence, this is Polly (Mak)! Abbey gave me your blog address and told me that you are in Houston! I am glad that you guys survived the hurricane! We live in Temple which is 3-4 hours away from you guys (depending on where you are...) And I see your little family, how cute! shoot me an email and we will talk more!

  2. Kyle & I are both very relieved you're all alive and well! Thanks for keeping us updated via blog. Hugs to you three!

  3. Polly, I tried to email but it got sent back. email us at