Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Listening to Little People

I was taught a great lesson the other day by my son. He'd had a bad diaper rash since he had a poopy diaper on a little too long (we couldn't smell it - it's never usually a problem, you can see 'fumes' a mile away normally) and so I explained to him that he needed to tell me when he had a poopy so we could get it taken care of and have no more 'ouchies'. In response, he smiled his darling smile and toddled away. I thought no more of it, but he took it to heart. One afternoon when we were running a little behind, I was rushing out the door to get some shopping done. He is typically eager to get on his shoes and go, but for whatever reason that day, he kept running back to where we keep the diapers. He even went so far as to lay out the pad and lie down. Oblivious to his message I kept telling that we need to hurry up and go, after all I had changed him literally 5 minutes before. His stubbornness irked me but his behavior was so atypical, I thought I'd check. Sure enough, he'd had a BIG one. The entire time I changed him he kept looking at me with this cutie smile as if to say, "I told you so Mama!" I thanked him over and over for being truly helpful and gave him Yogo Bits (the ultimate special treat!) The sweetheart gave me kisses back. I think he took great pride in knowing he could help out. Now if I can only get him to change his own diaper! ;0)

Below are a few pictures of us at the zoo:

Isaac 'needed' to feed the turtles at the water play park.

When it came time to touch a real turtle he'd have nothing to do with it.

The curses of having a former science teacher for a mother. "Stamen, pistils ... can't you call on someone else for the answers! I need a sibling ..."


  1. What a sweetheart, Flo. Isaac is such a smart little boy.

  2. what a smart boy! time to potty train! i'm not kidding. Peggy poop trained keana at 7 months, and maggie's mom did the same for caden at around a year (i think). i wish i'd had the energy and drive to do so earlier with elias. changing toddler diapers past two is just totally disgusting. he's always been a wiggly, active boy, but now he's crazy. i'm always worried about pieces of poop flinging around the room when i change him. for the most part he'll lie still just because he knows he's supposed to, but when he gets the inspiration to be wild, there's little stopping him. GROSSSSS not to mention the smell is so bad compared to when he was eating baby food.

  3. good for him and you!!! I should start to think about potty train... I mean I want to. well, we shall see how things go.