Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Symbol of America!

It's become increasingly difficult to keep a little boy happy in an empty apartment. We're both a little stir crazy and have gone to the Children's museum, twice, innumerable times to the park (in which mosquitoes descended upon us en mass) and shopping at whatever stores are open. He's grown tired of them and so have I. So in desperation I called up a friend for another possible source of entertainment.

What better than the great entrepreneurial miracle of America, a place whose symbol is known everywhere, despite language or culture - McDonald's!!! I hardly ever ate there in my childhood - I can number them on one hand, all of them birthday parties for other people. Some would say I was deprived but when our family went out to eat, we ate Chinese food, the REAL Chinese food. Fast food was never considered. So it was really not too surprising that I had never thought of those food chains with their toys and play places until someone suggested to me. You may think this silly, but because it was new to Isaac and I, I brought my camera to commemorate this great American experience.

Note how the giant food chain 'feeds' the minds and dreams of America - you can do more than just enjoy our food, you can be one of us!!! Isaac's first job!

Having never ordered a Happy Meal, I was a little disappointed to realize that I had to pay for Isaac's drink. In the end it was worth it: 1. He learned to drink from a straw, 2. pulling the straw in and out of the box provided him with 15 mins of entertainment, 3. the entertainment continued on the way home and well into the afternoon.

"This is a toy? More like some strange piece of blue plastic!"

All in all, it was an enjoyable experience for both of us. We killed and hour and half of time, ate lunch and Isaac got to laugh and play to his little heart's content. I did explain to him that this was a special treat and he seemed to understand that, taking his time to really enjoy his french fries, nuggets and juice. The sip of my milkshake topped the morning off nicely and for the rest of the day he was angelic. Will we go again, not likely anytime soon (all that grease has a soporific effect) but at least we can both say we are true Americans right down to our little 'arches'! ;0)


  1. I don't think you missed out on anything but high cholesterol and obesity as a kid :)

    McDonald's is definitely a fun place for the kids, though. Isaac is such a cutie.

  2. boys love the "M", even Clayton will say "M for McDonald"........We eat that about 1-2 times a month as the boys request. They eat extremely well there (all by themselves, no feeding required) C can eat one burger and B can eat 2 if we let him. so with all the food the consume, we are happy to go once a while. In the mean time, they still enjoy mama's homemade Chinese food

  3. This story cracks me up. Flo, you are so cute. Welcome the the McDonalds family!