Sunday, April 5, 2009

Disney World Day 2

Papa had to attend his conference this day so Isaac and I went on an outing to Downtown Disney. They have this great water play area that randomly sprays out water with a funny noise. It had Isaac giggling like crazy. He wasn't brave enough to attempt running through it like the other kids, but happily splashed in the puddles on the sidelines. I didn't have the heart so stop him even though it was pouring rain, after all how often does he get to play in a rain puddle in Phoenix? He did attempt to run through it a few days later, and unfortunately ran right along the path of the water. He came through screaming and laughing. It was fun, but not enough fun to try again even though Mama waited with the camera forever. This was all I could catch of it.

We ate candy, climbed our favorite characters and played Lego till we were all pooped out! For those of you who are Star Wars fans, you ought to check out their $500 Millennium Falcon Lego set, it's the size of 19" TV screen. Crazy!!!

After a nap we went back to Epcot for dinner with the Vikings! It was Norwegian buffet and Mama was killing herself for being pregnant and unable to eat smoked salmon to her heart's content! We hadn't realized that when we made reservations that the dinner was a Character dinner and had all the Princesses present wandering from table to table for pictures. We saw Belle, Cinderella, Aurora, Snow White and Ariel. Isaac played the bashful prince to one and all. The thing that was a little frightening to me is how much in character these Princesses are - it's as if they stepped out of the movie. I have to wonder if they get home at night and cuss their heads off to get it out of their system! ;0)

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  1. zowie! Looks like a BLAST! I've wondered about taking our kids to a big theme park when they're this young, but it looks like Isaac is having the time of his life! What a great family trip!