Sunday, April 19, 2009

Unsolved Mysteries

I have my angel boy Isaac back! I don't know what happen, when, or how the switch was made, but Friday night we got him back. No more fights about medicine, cleaning up or food. Just our sweetie heart back again. One of life's unsolved mysteries.

Sleeping in heavenly peace ...

Random thought: mothers being sick should be outlawed. I've been coughing so bad that my rib and diaphragm ache. Not to mention the Braxton-Hick contractions that happen right after the coughing fit. Baby girl isn't too pleased either, it's that or else she's having the ride of her live and kicking up her feet for it.

Did I just jinx myself with this post?

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  1. Hey, there are a lot of mysteries with kids I figured. Little H is same way, one day he is fighting everything and next day, sweetest like a sugare. hahaha. Oh, sorry to hear about your cough. In fact, I got a cold too and it hurt like a.... YOu know... I was supper misrable about one week. hahaha. So i hear you big time. I think pragnent ladies should be able to pass any sickensses. hahaha.