Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Few Random Thoughts

Aside from my ranting and raving about how terrible Planet Hollywood was (see Disney World Day 4) it was a really good trip, refreshing for one and all. But when I reflect back on it, the trip was mostly for Kent and I. We enjoyed getting away, seeing green again and experiencing different cultures and shows. Isaac on the other hand, could have been just as happy at home.

Isaac's List of Favorites:
- sliding down the banister at the Mayan temple
- sliding down a steep playground slide
- watching ducks and birds
- chasing a hula hoop
- running and jumping through water
- playing with Lego
- picking up rocks and sticks
- playing with a golf ball
- playing chase

Mama and Papa's Favorites:
- trying all sorts of food in great variety
- snacking on bakery goods all day
- enjoying shows and music from other cultures
- spending time together
- watching Isaac laugh and play

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the greatest joys are often found in the simplest things. We were there in the moment, and the moment simply happened on its own without any prompting from us. Now if we can learn not to let the tasks of the present take too much of our attention away, we can hopefully capture it again and again everyday.

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  1. You captured some memorable photo moments, that's sure! What a good time for you guys as a family.

    I read your Planet Hollywood account, and felt I could imagine it. Those environments bother me so much -- and that's not even counting a pregnancy and a little one! Nothing wrong with an attendant for the ladies' lounge, but I agree -- at a TV-stuffed chain restaurant? What a gimmick. (And the cell phone proves it.)

    Glad you guys had such fun otherwise! You look very cute, by the way.