Thursday, April 16, 2009

War and Peace

The lines are drawn, boundaries were violated ... choose your weapon ... I declare us to be in a state of war!

For those who have followed the history of these 2 growing independent individuals, you will be saddened to know of yet another great upheaval. It began only days ago when Isaac- the smaller, cuter but much deceptively more cunning opponent - ran a fever of 104. Mama,- the larger, less intelligent but just as stubborn - in her sympathy began to give way on previously clearly set boundaries. These were but small violations- not putting toys away immediately, allowing someone to be too picky about dinner - but it quickly escalated to previously unheard of arguments resulting in a red-faced scream session on both sides. Physical violence ensued from the smaller one, thankfully the damage to Mama was minimal, but she realized the enormity of the problem.

Today Mama drew out the lines clearly, was emphatic that consequences would follow in the violation of such boundaries. She was prepared for the worst. Isaac, knowing of his great powers of persuasion, decided to test it out, he would not clean up his puzzle before going to playgroup. The declaration given, Mama responded, "You can clean up the puzzles now, or chose to sit in the corner until you feel like cleaning up the puzzles."

Isaac displayed weapon one: immense screaming and crying at the corner - results, one very red-faced boy. Weapon two: whimpering, begging to be held as he lovingly dropped his head on Mama's lap. Mama holds out strong though the sweet face causes a moment of indecision - result, back to a red-face screaming boy. Weapon three: silence - result, Mama looks back at him a number of times to see he is okay and then asks, "Are you ready to clean up your puzzles?" Weapon four: reverse psychology, Isaac declares, "NO!!! Isaac CORNER!" - results, Mama nods solemnly knowing the battle is nowhere near its end and continues with her work.

Weapon five: Time. This is the most insidious weapon of all, it leaves the defendant unsure of the opponent's state of mind, is he really happy there? how long will this go on? What do I do if he wants to stay there ALL DAY? Thankfully she sees signs that his resistance is wearing down ... over 2 hours later she emerges from cleaning the bathroom to find Isaac happily chatting with himself and slowly putting away the puzzle pieces.

Did she win the victory, does anyone EVER win? Only time will tell, meanwhile, they enjoy a moment of reprieve by eating lunch and snuggling. The saga continues ....