Monday, April 6, 2009

Disney World Day 3

After our first day without Papa, I thought I'd brave taking Isaac to the Animal Kingdom alone. This is a rather bold endeavor considering I'm pregnant, juggling a large jogging stroller onto a bus, a very active toddler and a rather expensive camera. I managed, but a nap was sorely needed later.

This the one grand frontal view I took of my son without Kent around. It's just after the Safari ride where he gape wide mouth at moving elephants, rhinos and exclaimed excitedly when he saw ostrich eggs - 'dan-dan' (in Cantonese) one of his favorite things to eat!

He loved playing the drums with an African band and was mesmerized by the numerous tigers we saw.

When Kent was done with conference, we went back to get a picture of the Tree of Life ... Can't you just hear the music from Lion King start up!

We ate a large buffet at the Tusker Resturant which had a wonderful assortment of dishes from the area. The spices used for the veggies was great!!! Did you know that they really like their peanut butter sandwiches? They had an entire bar area to make them up just the way you like them ... with bananas, pudding, chocolate ... Crazy. The inside of the restaurant really fit the atmosphere.

The Animal Kingdom always closes earlier than the others, so we headed back to the hotel for some swimming. We got there just as they were starting up a mini parade and Isaac was enlisted to help. As you can see, he was a rather enthusiastic drummer!

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