Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Disney World Day 5

Kent and I really enjoyed EPCOT and all it's variety and shows, so we headed back for one last day there. Incidentally, the giant Siemens ball that seems to represent EPCOT is known as the 'Meatball'. He was rather emphatic on that point no matter what we said.

I had to stop by the Canadian pavillion. Talk about a 'Small World', the fellow working there is from Calgary like me. Not only that, we discovered he lives behind the grade school I went to, 2 mins drive from my parents home! The second picture was their tribute to the beautiful gardens of Victoria B.C. - where I served my mission.

After our meal at the French Resturant we had to stop by their bakery. Europe is absoultely amazing when it comes to pasteries.

At the Japan pavillion there was this amazing artist who worked with candy. Within 5 minutes she'd shaped and painted a beautiful hummingbird. It drys and hardens into hard candy. Her slender fingers were amazing to watch as they flitted, tugged, smoothed and painted at an indistinquishable blue lump.

I finally convinced Kent to buy a small started kit for bonsai. He's loved looking at those things for years. On the left is a Bougenvilla - the only beautiful one Kent has ever seen. He hates those plants! On the right is my favorite, it's over 80 years old.

Isaac loves Stitch!

In the Imagination pavillion they had an area where the children could run around and stand on various instrument pads. The music above would change to whatever they chose. Isaac loved it!

Each of the Kingdoms has a playground area where little one can run off some energy. Kent loves this picture and wishes I could photoshop the black net out, then it would look like Isaac is jumping through hoops.

My two little Vikings! After our dinner and dessert we had to stop by the Norweigan bakery for their school bread, a bun filled with a delicate custard. Are any of you adding up the pounds on us yet?! My excuse is I'm preganant! ;0)

That evening we went for a German buffet. Isaac inhaled Macaroni and Cheese and chocolate milk - things he never really gets at home. We did the polka to a life German band.

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