Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Disney World Day 6

On our final full day in Florida we made it to the Magic Kingdom. I know that it's the 'symbol' of Disney with it's castle and all, but to be frank, it was our least favorite park. We went early on a Thursday and the place was packed! Lines were heinous and the rides were not up to what Kent and I would enjoy and Isaac himself was not all that thrilled. Despite this, there were a few highlights.

Mama caught the line up for Pluto early and Isaac was bouncing with joy at the prospects of hugging 'Poo-to'.

The next three pictures took place in the only uncrowded area of the park, the Winne the Pooh playground. Isaac really enjoyed wandering Pooh Bear's house, ringing his bell and going down the slides.

Of course the classic picture to prove we were there. We were pretty pooped out by this point and left. Later that evening we headed back to Downtown Disney and had an Irish dinner with classic fish and chips. Talk about yummy grease!

Isaac is a cautious child and never really lets go when he slide, but he accidentally did this time and he couldn't get enough. Even the Lego play area was no match and I sat and watched him do it over and over for a half hour.

When we got back to the hotel Isaac played with giant blocks of Lego and Kent discovered another fun game. By spinning the hula hoops out, Isaac went crazy trying to catch them. The kid was screaming with absolute delight. Kent and I laughed so hard at his response.

The following morning we had planned to be packed early and head out to the Animal Kingdom again, but it was pouring rain. We opted to wait play at our hotel. Mama curled up with a book and Papa played some arcades with Isaac.

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  1. I have to agree! The Magic Kingdom was by far my least favorite when I was there too. I liked Epcot the best with all of the different countries!