Sunday, April 12, 2009

Other Plans that You Don't Plan!

Holidays take on a whole new meaning with a little one. For whatever reason, they become more special, a time to create memories. That's what we set out to do this Easter season but as often happens things don't go as planned.

Issac had been having a slight fever for a few days, but his appetite and levels of activity were totally normal - meaning Mama was run into the ground before every nap time! We had a special Family Home Evening lesson about the Savior and what the Easter season was about. A few days later we began introducing the concept of eggs and candy.

Since we've been home, we've been toilet training Isaac and using jelly beans as rewards. Needless to say, he was rather excited about the idea of candy. As a side note, toilet training is going well, better than I thought. When he's given the choice, he wants to try wearing his underwear and practicing his potty. When we're both tired and frustrated, we take a break for the day and go back to diapers. This way I'm not trapped at home and he's not so upset that he wants to give up. I know it'll be a long process, but I'm willing to take it, he seems to be happy in his growing independence.

Anyhow,a few girls from the playgroup put together an Easter egg hunt for the little ones. The grass was dotted with colorful eggs and the youngest had a chance to head out first. I tried to prep Isaac by telling him to go and get eggs quickly and not to open them and eat them until he'd gotten as many as he could.

Once the older kids were let out, he learned quickly to not debate whether he wanted that egg or not. I'm not sure if 'Survival of the Fittest' is what I had in mind for a lesson, but caught on quickly!

Enjoying his treasures!

Playing afterwards. It was a beautiful day. Kent had it off, so he was able to take pictures of us.

He was a little fussy that day, but we figured it might be the sugar. Later that evening Isaac's fever peaked to 103. He'd done this the day before, but after some medication, he went back down to 99, so we didn't think to much of it. We gave him Tylenol and sent him to bed. He woke up 4 hours later, back up to 103. Thankfully we found a Pediatric Urgent Care open just 2 miles from us. We took him in and by the time they saw us he was 104.

I swear the Lord preps us for the littlest of things. Earlier that day Kent and i had crashed for a nap that ended up taking 2 hours. We don't typically do that, but nothing could have woken us if we wanted. That extra sleep got us through the evening, until we got home from Urgent Care at 1:30 am. They ran blood tests, took a good look at him, swabbed for Strep, etc and got nothing ... nothing except a good throwing up on when they accidentally gagged him. ;0) Poor kid was such a trooper, even when the evening was topped by having to take a bitter antibiotic he willingly took it. That's my angel.

In all this, he clung to my neck with both arms saying,"Stay, no go, stay, please." when I tried to put him to bed. I didn't have the heart to leave him so I laid down next to him until he drifted off. It was in this time I took to look at him with the wonder of the pass years of growth and appreciate his just 'being him'. He's my little man and I felt an immense sense of gratitude to my Savior that families do go on to the eternities because of his sacrifice for us.

We missed out on the Saturday Easter activities, Mama and Papa were hardly coherent, while Isaac was totally back to normal, in EVERY way! Figures! But we managed to decorate our own eggs at home. I thought he'd enjoy putting stickers on them, after all, he does it to himself and his coloring book, but he was having more fun eating them.

He kept complaining about the sun, so we bought him shades to see if it helped. He doesn't know what sun is until this summer hits him!

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  1. Ah, urgent care visits... no fun!! I'm glad Isaac is okay though!

    By the way, the video on our blog is actually on the sight. I think they just posted it the other day. That's awesome you sent that amazing talk to your friend! What a great example you are! I"m sure they wouldn't mind the video, too. ;) It's actually on YouTube and easy to share. ;)